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Workshop coming soon with Shoshi Asheri.

Shoshi is a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. She teaches at the Minster Centre for Integrative Psychotherapy and other psychotherapeutic organisations in the UK and Israel. She is a founding member of the Relational School UK and a member of its Executive Committee.

The application of Embodied Relationality as a force of psycho-socio-political change both in and out the consulting room has been

a central subject of enquiry in her teaching, writing and presentations. She has a private practice in London where she

works with individuals, couples and groups.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Shoshi

in a series of experimental work,

exploring embodied relational psychotherapy

intertwined with our ethos 'embracing difference and

diversity in all its forms'.

Look out for more details in the coming weeks or

email us for more information.

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