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Our Story 

Aashna was founded in 2017 by Shammi Kohli and Pretish Raja-Helm to create a home with a difference to nurture and facilitate inclusion within the therapeutic field.
To nourish the growing Aashna community of therapists and clients of LGBTQIA+, global majority (collective term for people of Indigenous, African, Asian, and Latina descent), visible and non-visible disability, neurodivergent, working class and care experienced communities the Aashna+ Creative Team was formed.   Psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and educator Shoshi Asheri and therapist and mentor Jamie Crabb joined in collaboration. 

Together we are nourishing a therapeutically informed learning community with social justice at its heart where the pulse of Aashna’s name ‘devoted to love’ is sensed, felt, questioned, critiqued, queered and creatively put into action through

"In the space between our distinct difference, and our shared humanity, there is a relational field that is both treacherous and charged with healing opportunities. If we learn to inhabit this field, we may create a home for our differences and a sense of belonging to our otherness" (Shoshi Asheri)

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