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Consultancy & Training

Since its inception in September 2017, Aashna has actively strived to provide a space for difference, inclusion and intersectionality.
Image by Tiard Schulz
Our aim is to create a home that embraces community, welcomes discussions, exchanges of thought, collaborations around themes of race, culture, religion, sexuality, class, power, and disability (to name a few). Aashna places these often marginalised intersectionalities at the forefront of our workshops, seminars and events.
Aashna created a series of ‘encounters’ entitled “Let’s Get Uncomfortable” where we explored aspects of race and culture in Psychotherapy Training. These series of encounters brought together therapists of all colours (white as a colour too) to share their narratives no matter how challenging and uncomfortable to hear. Learn more about the intimate, experiential and powerful encounters. 
Through our lived experience as second-generation British-Indians who hold a multitude of intersectionalities and our journey with Aashna we are providing continuing professional development consultancy and training for organisations for staff and trainees.

Our approach is relational, experiential and working at depth with intimate groups. We hope to create a space where participants can engage in a deeply personal and authentic way, where things can ‘get uncomfortable’ and through the discomfort, we hope to encourage understanding, learning and deeper awareness of each other and ourselves.

Areas of exploration

Exploring people’s narratives their assumptions and beliefs of themselves and the ‘other’


authentic Allyship

The Colonized



Race, Ethnicity

and Culture

“Whiteness” and

White fragility

Power within

training organisations

We can tailor training to the needs of your organisation, We always gather at the Aashna home to facilitate these processes


To book an initial complimentary one-hour meeting and get a better sense of how we work, what you feel your organisation needs and what we can offer please do get in touch via

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