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The Truth about Alcohol.

Dr Javid Abdelmoneim is an A&E Doctor and knows a thing or two about alcohol both inside and outside of the NHS. Dr Javid takes us through a series of light hearted experiments that help us understand the thinking about some extensive research from around the globe.

The Truth about alcohol (surprise suprise), is that it is bad for you!

This is a great 58 minute documentary by BBC 1 is to help us figure out why does alcohol affect us in the way that it does and more importantly the latest evidence linking alcohol to cancer.

Basically dont drink, but if you are, stay below the recommended allowance for both men & women of 14 unit/ week.

The discussion after, ( I noticed the wine drinkers didn’t have a sip), allowed us to link our own relationship/history with alcohol and the work we do with our clients.

As always a wonderful evening. Hope to see you at our next film night. Watch this space for a date and film choice.

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