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Queering Psychotherapy Gathering with J. Chance Czyzselska Friday 24th Feb 23, 5.30 - 9 pm

When I was studying to be a counsellor and then psychotherapist, I would have loved to have been accompanied by a book which offered a sense of eavesdropping on the most fascinating queer clinicians, and which reflected the dynamic nature of the therapeutic relationship. How might a collection of conversations in book form mirror and support some of the kinds of conversations or reflections we have both with clients and between peers and supervisors? Such conversations we know can be life-shaping and world-changing, as well as modelling of the queer and decolonizing philosophies that underpin this book which reject the notion of the therapeutic ‘expert’, drawn as it is from what Robert Downes calls ‘Empire Mind’. So, the conversing subjects of this book have a range of professional, lived and reflective experiences to offer and share and their insights refashion the limitations of the way we are taught about each other, as well as those who are othered (Czyzselska, Queering Psychotherapy, 2022 p 25).

The Aashna Creative Team are delighted to hold our first gathering of 2023 on Friday 24th February with J. Chance Czyzselska to explore and celebrate the publication of Queering Psychotherapy (Karnac 2022).

We invite you to co-create with us an intimate exploration to query together what it means to queer psychotherapy.

  • 5:30 pm the evening will begin in celebrating the work of Chance and all the contributors.

  • 6.00 pm onwards we will share a vegetarian Indian meal and begin to collaboratively question what queering our practice means.

  • 8:45 pm the evening will end with time to mingle with drinks. All food and drinks are complimentary to the gathering.

As with all Aashna gatherings all profits will be donated to the Aashna+ service

Tickets (donations) are made using the booking page here Please note tickets sales will be closed when we have reached our full capacity of 16 participants.

There will be opportunity to purchase a signed copy of Queering Psychotherapy at the gathering.

If you like to learn more about Chance and their book, please explore the recent interview We’re here, and we’re queering psychotherapy.

We look forward to you joining us and welcoming you to Aashna.

Warmest regards,

Chance & The Aashna Creative Team

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