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One Month Today.

One month today, we opened our doors and it's already been an amazing, thrilling and unexpected month. We have exceeded our hopes and feel so blessed to have some wonderfully talented individuals joining Aashna’s family.

We had the pleasure of meeting the Psychotherapy & Counselling Union (PCU) chair Richard Bagnall-Oakeley and other committee members to discuss how we can work together. Watch this space for a PCU member gathering at Aashna in November 2017.

It was a true delight to brainstorm with Shoshi Asheri about the exciting new group we hope to start in January 2018 for qualified therapists wanting to explore their difference, diversity and feelings of inclusion. More details to follow in our next newsletter.

What an exciting start to this beautiful project and the support we are receiving from family and friends. You are all keeping our hearts full. Thank you so much!

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