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Happy 1st Birthday Aashna

Ganesh Pooja


Presentation of our Year

The day started with a beautiful ceremony called the Ganesh Pooja. Shammi and I were apart of prayers that asks Lord Ganesh to support us in our work and remove any obstacles that may come in our way in supporting others. We carried out the ceremony surrounded by family and friends who have supported us on our journey.

The evening celebrations started with lots of delicious indian vegan food, drinks and music right outside the Aashna building. It was great to enjoy the sunshine with family, friends and peers.

Shammi and I then showed a short clip of our year, the wonderful affiliations we have made along the way and the amazing people that joined the Aashna community.

It was just wonderful to have so many people share the day with us and are always greatful for the love we are receiving in creating a space that we feel represents the diverse communities we come from.

Please keep in touch with what we are getting up to by subscribing to Aashna News released on the 1st of every month.

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