What is Aashna?


An Indian word meaning ‘devoted to love’.

Respecting the therapist and the client for their individuality.

Our aim is for Aashna to reflect the rich cultural and global society in which we live in. Inclusive of all, excluding none. 

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For Clients

You can be confident and reassured that all therapists who work at Aashna are registered with a Professional Standards Authority accredited counselling and psychotherapy organisation

Our therapists offer both face-to-face sessions at Aashna following our COVID-19 practice safety measures and online sessions where appropriate


For Therapists

Take a look at our practice and rooms, resident and member therapist offers, and our COVID-19 practice safety measures.​ Contact us to find out more or to book a time to get a feel of Aashna and view the rooms

 Join our events and training exploring diversity and Intersectionality including our Let's Get Uncomfortable: explorations of race, ethnicity, culture, and power encounters​.


Aashna + is an affordable therapy service providing long-term therapy for individuals diverse in culture, social background religion sexuality, age, gender, disability and other diversity, who struggle to access culturally sensitive therapy. 

Image by Tiard Schulz
​Be part of an exciting growing community that is passionate about difference, diversity & inclusivity. 

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