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Hole - Film Viewing and Discussion group.

A hole to the Heart.

Billy, an adult gay man living with Anthrogryposis Multiplex Congentia (AMC) is in search for intimacy, and this beautiful yet challenging short invites us to go on this journey with him.

This provocative and raw portrait of a disabled man, from director Martin Edralin is only a snapshot of Billy's life, yet it uncomfortably captivated us from the first scene.

The film explores the intersections around human dignity, disability and sexuality, with a strong and salient message; that the basic need to connect through sex is in all of us. It demonstrated poignantly the power that it can hold and the obstacles we overcome to get these needs of intimacy met. What was loud and clear from this film was that disabled people get horny too!

As the Discussion Group explored the impact of the film, it brought up a myriad of emotions in each and everyone of us, both complex and layered, from shame, pity, guilt, sadness, hope, love and eroticism.

Despite how separate Billy’s life appeared, we connected with him on a deeper emotional level; how we can all feel like outsiders, our own need to love and be loved, and an acknowledgement of our own erotic desires. We became curious as to how we may take our sexual needs for granted when we are able bodied.

What a wonderful and exciting platform for us all to explore such intense material. It was thought provoking and allowed us to enter a world that often gets missed.

Thanks to all that attended and look forward to the next film night on Friday 16th March. Watch out for more info in our next Newsletter!

Litle treat: watch 'Hole' here:

Pretish x

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